SWMMTP501  Dressing Wound Tielle Plus 4-1/4X4-1/4 10/b 5Bx/cs

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  • TIELLE Hydropolymer Adhesive Dressings are fluid handling systems. As exudate is absorbed by the dressing, the hydropolymer central island swells and fills any irregular contours to the wound, minimizing exudate build-up and the chance of maceration. Excess moisture is held in the wicking layer next to the polyurethane backing. The vapor-permeable backing allows excess moisture to evaporate through the back of the dressing. As the exudate evaporates, the TIELLE Hydropolymer Dressing is able to manage additional exudate. This process occurs continuously throughout the wear time. Indicated for the management of low to moderately exuding wounds (i.e. venous ulcers (partial and full-thickness), pressure ulcers (stages I-IV), surgically debrided wounds, second degree burns, donor/graph sites, acute wound healing by primary or secondary intention. Polyurethane backing is water resistant and vapor-permeable to help protect wound from exogenous bacteria and contaminants. Nonwoven wicking layer absorbs four times more than a hydrocolloid, up to 15 times its own weight in fluid. May be left in place for up to seven days. Requires no secondary dressing or tape. Will not melt down into wound bed like a hydrocolloid. Gentle adhesive border makes it easy to apply and is more comfortable for the patient than hydrocolloids.