PAPUFPP236  Underpad Attend Night Pre 23X36 10/p 15P/c (31933)

Product: PAPUFPP236 Manufacturer: Paper-Pak Products Inc Stock Item? No

Price: $63.90 cs 150

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  • Heavy Absorbency Attends Night Preserver, 23" x 36". Designed to provide the best in patient care. Heavy Absorbency Underpads are engineered to ensure maximum, patient comfort and skin health. These Underpads are made with a combination of Hygard Super Absorbents and cellulose fibers to encapsulate fluids and lock in moisture. The extra-strong backings provide strength and linen protection. Hygard super-absorbent polymers, Soft, non-woven facing promotes healthier skin, Fluff filler, Peach-color leak-proof non-slip backing.