MCRI56023  Gel Wound Hydrogel 3Oz Tube Viniferamine 12/cs

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  • Wound Hydrogel

    Active Ingredient: Glycerin 20%

    Uses: An amorphous gel that protects the wound bed and provides a moist wound environment. Appropriate for use on partial and full thickness wounds with little to no exudate.

    Each of the products in the Viniferamine® line has been developed to work synergistically with each other. Common ingredients assure consistent delivery of vital nutrients no matter where the patient is in the continuum of care. The system allows the caregiver to develop a treatment plan for the patients that will follow them from early intervention through advanced wound care and back again. Any product in the system will provide additive support for the skin healing process. From cleansers, to barriers, to wound hydrogels, it all works in concert assuring a well-orchestrated approach to healing and improved quality of life.