IMEXP300  Doppler Pocket/dop Ii W/3Mhz Ob Probe Imex Medical


Product: IMEXP300 Manufacturer: Imex (Nicolet Vascular) Stock Item? No

Price: $781.50

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  • Nicolet Pocket-Dop II with 3 MHz OB Probe. The Pocket-Dop II is known worldwide as the leading Doppler. Four interchangeable probes - two obstetrical and two vascular - and a built-in speaker make this device versatile for many applications. Other features include belt clip, sturdy protective carrying case, recharger, and a five-year parts warranty. Obstetrical applications include detecting pregnancy, reassuring the mother, and determining multiple pregnancies. The 3 MHz probe is designed for increased sensitivity in the early stages of pregnancy. It can detect fetal heart tones as early as 8 to 10 weeks. When using only one probe, this is the best choice.