HPCB1000  Bath Inflatable Ez Bathe 80 W/vacuum/hoses Hpc

Product: HPCB1000 Manufacturer: Homecare Products Co Stock Item? No

Price: $472.50

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  • EZ-Bathe inflatable bathtub with accessories. EZ-Bathe allows clients to enjoy a bath or shower without leaving their bed. The client simply rolls onto the vinyl tub, which is then inflated around them using the included wet-dry vacuum. The reinforced tub with its new streamlined design is longer and deeper. Tub inflates to 71"L x 31"W x 13 1/2"H to accommodate individuals up to 6" 2". Fits all beds. The hand-held shower connects to a tap up to 25-feet away. The drain hose (leading to bathtub, sink or toilet) can be turned off for a long soak or left on for constant draining, allowing a shower. The drain hose and vacuum, both included, empty the tub thoroughly.