ETH2162  System Resevoir J Vac 450Ml Sterile 10/cs Ethicon

Product: ETH2162 Manufacturer: Ethicon Stock Item? No

Price: $772.06 cs 10

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  • J-VAC Drains are made from medical grade silicone and are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. All are packaged separately and are sterile, non-pyrogenic and in a precompressed state. To facilitate insertion, particularly in orthopaedic surgery, some drains are pre-attached to stainless steel trocar needles. The J-VAC reservoir is available in either a 150mL, 300mL, or 450mL size. All come with a standard y-connector for dual drainage. A standard anti-reflux valve has also been incorporated to help prevent the reverse flow of wound exudates during emptying and reactivation. Markers are provided at increments along the side of the reservoir to facilitate the approximate measurement of fluid. A drain port with attached plug is provided as a method of emptying exudate collected by the unit. Size: 450mL. Qty. 10/cs.