3M76005  Splint Scotchcast 5In X 15 Ft 1Rl/cs

Product: 3M76005 Manufacturer: 3M Healthcare Stock Item? No

Price: $132.68

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  • Scotchcast Custom Length Splint. 5" x 15 ft. roll. Splint can be customized and cut to the exact length needed for less waste and enhanced productivity and performance. The splinting material is made of layered fiberglass. Covered on one side by an air and moisture permeable non-woven fabric and on the other side by polypropylene felt, which serves as padding. The felt is hypoallergenic, water repellent, and absorbs 60% less water than other splints, which means less water against the patient's skin. This splint is packaged in a unique, self-sealing system that minimizes waste. Exposure of the splints to moisture or water initiates a chemical reaction that causes the splints to become rigid. A finished splint is lightweight, strong, and more radiolucent than plaster.