If you have had breast surgery, you'll be pleased to know you have many choices for breast forms, bras and swimwear. You can choose from products that are comfortable, feminine and stylish. These products resemble your own breast shape, size and movement. Your fitting will be done in a private room, designed to make you as comfortable as possible. 


Our two mastectomy fitters are Certified Fitters - Mastectomy (CFm), certified by the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics.  The ABC CFm is bound by the ABC Code of Professional Responsibility which is enforced by a Professional Discipline program, and ensures that you get the best possible fit. 


Products that VDK provides include:



  • Post-surgical camisoles (garments)
  • Compression Bras
  • Leisure Bras
  • First Forms (non-silicone) prosthesis
  • Breast Shapers for Lumpectomies & Reconstruction
  • Breast Forms (silicone)
  • Custom Breast Forms
  • Bras (w/pockets for prosthesis)
  • Pocketed swimwear & Active Swim Prostheses
  • Lymphedema Management (Arm Sleeves & Gauntlets)


Please call us with any questions you might have.  859-254-6661 or 800-365-1020.